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Water drops are formed from water films wetting the lower face of solid elements.
The patterns of the drops and of the water films are determined by the shape and surface properties of the solid elements and by the flow rate, which is extremely low.
The drops are illuminated by a spot light placed on the opposite side, with respect to the observer.

Water drops are formed from a water film. The main difference with respect to the previous picture is a slightly higher flow rate and the way to illuminate the drops, which in this case is a light source with a large emitting surface.
Water waves are generated in a water basin, by means of wave generators. The waves move on a mirror surface and are illuminated with a projection unit. The images of the waves are seen on a screen. Critical factors for obtaining visually attractive patterns are the system for generating the waves, the shape and surface properties of the mirror surface and the optical properties of the projection unit.
The technical set-up is shown on the page "Profile and credits".
Water penetrates between a glass plate and a transparent plastic film which was adhering on the glass surface. Light projection on a screen.

Light projection: flowing together of thin water streams

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