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Visual experiments with water and light

°"Just a little water drop"
Close-up images of water drops and of light projections of water drops and small water streams. Visual poetry. Camera work and editing: Massimo Somenzi, Mohammed Soudani, Luciano Rigolini, Helmut Eigenmann The Moldau (Smetana) has been played by wetting glass with a veil of water by: Robert Tiso (glass harp)
°"Pro River verticale"
Performance with a water stream. Light projection. Interacting with a water stream flowing on a transparent vertical glass. Thanks to a projection lamp, the image is shown on a translucent screen. Performer: Maria Bonzanigo Video and editing: Mohammed Soudani, Helmut Eigenmann

Art and Design work

°Installations and artworks
Installations and artworks with water and light.Water waves and water drops. The video shows: Flusso/Deflusso, MG/E-Tridim, HS1-Windows, HS1-Cascade Body, HS5 Camera work and editing: Luciano Rigolini, Massimo Somenzi, Mohammed Soudani, H.E.
°Light projections of water streams
>>> NOTICE on video quality at the end of this page. A thin water stream is generated on a transparent substrate (glass or plastic). A projection lamp illuminates the water stream and projects his design on a wall, ceiling or on a screen surface with a flat or curved profile. The video shows: “la mia cascata” (Waterfall), “Flying River”, “Quiet River”. Camera work and video editing: Massimo Somenzi, Luciano Rigolini, Milla & Partners, Mohammed Soudani, H.E.
°Water drops and light design
Standing structures showing a rhythmical motion pattern of water drops. Focused and diffused light including leds illuminates the water drops. The video shows: HS1-Colour Glass, HS1-Monolithe, HS1-White Glass. Camera work and video editing: Mohammed Soudani, H.E.
°Waterfall burning
Light projection of two water streams, one placed under the ceiling (waterfall) and one placed above the floor (fire).

Relaxation & sensory rooms

°You can watch the "Wave Dream Multicolour" video on the "Wave Dream" page in this website.

Science and exhibits

Light projection of water streams. Depending on the inclination, the image of fire or the image of a water stream are obtained. Interactive exhibit
Light Projection of small water bodies which are moving and behaving like elementary living beings. Water is the origin of life.
°Interacting and experimenting with water
Laboratory experiments and prototypes. Touching water, creating water shapes on different kinds of solid surfaces and using different lighting techniques including light projections. The video shows : Pro Tenda, Filo Contact, MG/E-Contact, Pro-Gocce, MG/E-coppia. Camera work and editing: Massimo Somenzi, Mohammed Soudani, Helmut Eigenmann. With the participation of: Maria Bonzanigo

Due to YouTube video compression, the fluidity and quality of water waves projections (Wave Dream) and of water streams projections are limited and do not correspond to the original video (available on DVD) and to reality.


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